Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Opportunity to Explore the Impact of Major Depression in Canada

The burden of depression in a country like Canada varies across different age and gender groups, consistent with the epidemiology of the condition (more common in woman than men, and especially common compared to most medical conditions in the younger age groups). There is a major international initiative called the Global Burden of Disease Study that quantifies the impact of most major medical conditions (including Major Depressive Disorder) based on the amount of disability that they cause and the amount of contribution to premature mortality that they make. The results of this project were recently published in a series of papers in the Lancet. However, if you don't want to read these papers, you can examine the ranking of various conditions in an easy to use interactive visualization, by following this link. At the top, select "North America, High Income" where you see "Global" as a default for estimates that should apply to Canada, then you can select an age and sex group and examine the disease burden (what they call DALYs) rankings. Major Depressive Disorder is always near the top.

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