Sunday, March 31, 2013

Canadian "Heat Maps" Looking at the Impact of Major Depression

One of the interactive tools produced by the Global Burden of Disease project is "head map" which produces a colour coded ranking of the impact of various causes of disease burden. If you link to this tool - you can select "high income north america" and then remove the USA in order to obtain a country-specific "heat map" for Canada. Use the drop-down menu where you see "GBD Regions" as a default, then click "add or remove location" to the right of this menu if you want to remove the US column. In order to look at different aspects of disease burden you can select Year of Life Lost (where MDD doesn't count since suicide and risk factor related, e.g. cardiovascular, deaths are accounted for differently) or Years Lived with Disability, where MDD is near the top, or Disability Adjusted Life Years (which combines the two categories of burden). You can look at any age/sex group of interest to you (using the appropriate drop-down boxes) and and also have the option of looking at 1990 or 2010 heat maps (using the drop-down menu on the far right-hand side of the screen). This link will take you to the tool.

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