Friday, October 17, 2008

IHE Consensus Development Conference

The Institute of Health Economics consensus development conference on depression is complete. The process for consensus development involved a variety of presentations from leading Canadian and International researchers in the field. These presentations were made to a Jury, which was then sequestered to produce a consensus statement on how to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment of depression. I have added a link for the statement to the Blog along.



Anonymous said...

The issue of workplace-induced depression and the failure of workers compensation boards to compensate for these injuries was addressed by this conference when they stated
"Similarly, employment insurance, workers’ compensation and short and long term disability benefits must ensure equitable access for persons living with a mental or a physical illness."
The failure of the workers compensation boards are described at the Canadian Injured Workers Society at:

Scott Patten said...

Thanks for the comment, I couldn't agree more. Increasingly the distinction between a "physical" and "mental" health issue is obsolete.